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Welcome to the 
Dru Wisdom Sangha

In a world that needs love, YOU are the answer

With so much love and respect for you 

This page carries tremendous respect and love for you, a seeker after the highest truth. A person who cares very deeply for all of life. 

As a graduate of Dru’s senior courses, or someone who has travelled the spiritual path on your way to Dru, you walk through life with a wisdom and self-awareness which is rare indeed on this planet. 

What’s next?

All the great spiritual traditions agree that the spiritual path cannot be walked by sadhana alone.

We need Sangha

The regular presence and company of like-minded souls.

We need Sikhsa

Personalised teachings from wise friends and mentors.

We need Seva

Service on fire with love and wisdom

We invite you to a 10-month
Wisdom Sangha Programme

You’ll be nourished through 7 highly interactive, guided learning experiences over a period of 10 months.

We understand in these turbulent times it’s wise to be aware of our abundance. So we are making these so affordable you can’t miss out.

10 monthly payments

£11.80 for DPN



£124 (save £16)
£108 for DPN (save £10)


During these 10 months, you’ll be guided through the big questions of spirituality​​​​​​​

  • When there’s a war – how can I help?

  • When I’m worried about finances – how do I respond?

  • When I’m thriving and in-flow towards my goals – how do I do it more?!

  • How do I help our earth, and help others help her?

  • When people are anxious around me – or I am – what can I do?

  • How can I optimise my health so life can flow effortlessly?

  • How to use a diva and 5-element shrine as a map to your spiritual ascendency

  • How to create real power of intention, prayer, sankalpa.

  • How to open a spiritual text and make it powerful, sacred and answer your everyday questions.

  • Receive personalized help in crafting your individual Sadhana to achieve all the above....

  • Give to and be supported by friends in a loving sangha.

  • And so much more!

How will this work?

This is a 10-month programme with 7 highly interactive small group sessions. 

Each session will be led by Dru’s most senior teachers, and we’ll aim to keep the existing groups together as much as possible

The format will be:

  • Initial presentation / satsang to set you up for your community-building experience
  • Your time to discuss, discover, share, support
  • Final conclusions

The initial presentations and final conclusions will be recorded (excluding the group interactions).

  • Each session will be available to all groups. 
  • So you will rapidly gain access to a vast library of all the senior trainers’ wisdom on all topics!
  1. Who is this for?

This course is for graduates of Dru advanced courses: Spirituality of Yoga, Dru Meditation Mastery or Dru Meditation Teacher training, Advanced Practitioner Diploma (called Post Graduate Mastery Course in Australasia), Steps to Enlightenment and Sri Vidya. It's also open, by application, to any strong seeker or teacher with a strong commitment to adding light to our world.

We welcome any belief system or philosophies you hold and are delighted to bathe in the wisdom of any culture.

We encourage you to connect with us!

When will the sessions be?

Our groups will be EITHER at 7.00pm on a Tuesday evening
OR 11.00am on a Wednesday morning:

17 January OR 18 January
21 March OR 22 March
25 April OR 26 April
23 May OR 24 May
13 June OR 14 June
11 July OR 12 July
5 September OR 6 September

Practical success strategies for life

This programme will give you practical guidance in building the core areas of life.

  • Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Your feeling for yourself
  • Career and your purpose
  • Abundance & Resources
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Intuition
  • Living with the guidance of your Inner Teacher

Enhance every area of your life

For all of us, our ultimate life purpose is to be happy, live fully, love, learn and make a positive contribution to the world. However, more important than the final destination are the individual paths we take to get there.

Enjoying the journey with our unique gifts and talents is what makes life worth living.

Fun, excitement and joy—they all come from appreciating every single moment. The process you use to get from A to B matters. Try to make it as smart, balanced, ethical and sustainable as you can. Then you’ll be able to leave an inspiring legacy for generations to come.


Welcome to the 
Dru Wisdom Sangha