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NZ Subtle Energetics of Yoga Taster Morning June 9 Lower Moutere

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9 June, 2024
(Registration open till 9 Jun)

Would you like to wake up with enthusiasm and motivation to make the best choices for yourself consistently through the day?

Whilst some variation in our energy levels throughout the day are normal and a healthy part of our daily rhythm, most of us find on any given day we have concerningly limited periods of feeling full of energy and motivation to engage in activities at our optimum level. Do you find yourself just pushing through tot he next step and wanting your day to be over or to just get over the finish line to climb into bed? 

What if you had more consistent levels of energy throughout the day?

In our Subtle Energetics of Dru Yoga Course, starting 29th June we explore the nuances of managing and maintaining our energy. 

Delight in new ways to delve into some of our classic sequences and asanas to access flows of prana that will surprise you. We will be exploring very subtle changes in the use of muscles in our physical body and how it effects our energy. 

Also, through the "Prana Vaayu" model, we will be dicing into the subtle and different ways in which prana moves in and around our body. Discover how we can consciously engage with different types of prana to manage our energy more effectively.


  • Whether you are a Yoga teacher or enthusiast new to Dru Yoga, or one of our graduates this workshop is for you to go deeper & discover how to harness your inherent vitality energy. Discover and experience more about the Subtle Energetics of "working with Prana"For those Yoga teachers or long term practitioners of other Yoga traditions, experience one of our very sacred and unique Dru Yoga sequences to add to your tool kit.  Discover the joy of moving in harmony with your body and unlocking the energy within.


  • For those familiar with Dru and our post graduate courses delight in yet another new perspective and uncover more profound ways of working with the 5 prana vaayus within sequences and asanas. 


About the Workshop & Who is teaching?

The workshop will include Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation with Senior Dru Teacher Trainer Sue Cleaver


Sue Cleaver

Sue is a specialist in Post Graduate Training and Continuing Professional Development for Yoga Teachers from all traditions with a background in training and delivering courses such as Breath Coaching and Post Graduate Mastery Courses



Benefits for you - so go on, treat yourself!!!

· Discover your vibrant self and connect deeply with your authentic being.

· Learn Dru Yoga Sequences for the first time - or go yet deeper to discover new delights

· Immerse yourself in practices that nourish body, mind, and soul.

· Unlock your true potential and inner radiance.

· Connect deeply with your inner brilliance.


Join us on this journey of self-discovery, where you'll awaken your authentic brilliance, radiate from within, and experience profound connections with your vibrant self.

Prices and booking

10.00am - 1.00pm, Registration from 9.30am


FULL: $68 AUD ($75  NZ)

DPN    $55.00 AUD ($60 NZ)

Please be assured this amount will go through as $ AUD NOT pounds even when a pound sign appears. 

We cannot change the pound sign that appears, we are in the process of changing systems thanks for your patience.



Any questions or would like to book with in with Sue? Call Dru NZ Manager Sue Cleaver 021 543102



Sunday, June 9, 2024 - 10:00
Nikki Martin Dru Yoga teacher training student
Nurse, Cornwall, UK

Lovely pace. Plenty of time to explore posture, discuss the philosophy and subtle energies and chat with other yoga teachers. Really enjoyed it.

avatar leaf
Yoga teacher, Llangollen

The course has helped me to integrate my practice into daily life - it has helped me to feel more relaxed about my experiences. I am able to now take my yoga off the mat by developing awareness on physical, pranic, emotional/motivational and knowings. I now feel I'm piecing together a toolkit to use in daily life; be it simply being able to witness something or in being able to do something to shift it.
As a yoga teacher I have been able to guide individual students on a one to one basis to help them remove some quite deep rooted blocks!

avatar butterfly on clover
Fitness & yoga teacher

What I'll take from the postgrad workshop today:- I loved the way this flowed from information and reflection to practical yoga practice (and back again). it was a very satisfying day on every level, physical, mental and emotional. Thank you so much.

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