Live Class: Celebrating Movement

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This monthly class is about celebrating our ability to move, doing it joyously and together, moving in new ways to fully experience all that our bodies can do; thanking our bodies that serve us every day and allow us to experience life on this magical planet.

A very dear member of our team recently had a hip operation that had complications which left her fighting for her life.

The first message she had for the world once she awoke was, ‘move your body in a loving way every day because you never know when it won’t work anymore.’ 

This monthly class is about celebrating our ability to move, doing it joyously and together; thanking our bodies that serve us everyday and allow us to experience life on this magical planet. 

Much too frequently we can be self-critical, for many reasons. Perhaps that our body doesn’t bend the way someone else’s does. Or isn’t as strong as that person’s. Or that it gets tired easily. In these classes you are invited to see life through Monica’s eyes, to move your body like you were moving it for the first time, and to love it deeply.

6th Oct 2023 from 08:00 to 09:15
United Kingdom
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Option 1 £10: if you are blessed with abundance, thank you
Option 2 £9: much appreciated, thank you
Option 3 £8: this is great, thank you
Option 4 £7: if this is what you can manage, no worries, thank you

Time 8.00am - 9.15am

Each of these sessions accrue 1 CPD point for DPN members.


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Aja Krystall

I was born and raised in Kenya, so being outdoors, eating healthy, moving a lot and therefore feeling vibrant always felt completely natural to me. When I went to boarding school and changed my lifestyle without being aware, I started to feel my energy plummet. I soon realised that the joyful energy inside myself was not something to be taken for granted, but something to be worked at every day! 

This started my health journey; I became passionate about good food, different ways to move my body, the importance of dynamic exercise as well as restorative yoga and meditation. I realised both yang and yin practices are equally important. I then found Ayurveda just after university which brought together my love of food, movement, spirituality, herbs, psychology - and most importantly, my desire to help people feel their best. I am passionate about both modern and ancient practices that create vitality, health and balance within.

Aja's Style of Yoga

I fell in love with yoga after doing my Vinyasa training, but soon felt like something was missing, it started to feel slightly one dimensional. I then trained with Dru, and that added some depth to my personal practice, a ways of guiding all the energy I was creating with my physically challenging yoga. I love how Dru is accessible to everyone, and no matter who you are you can have an experience of your subtle body even after one session.

I'm also trained in Yin Yoga and Mandala Vinyasa - and I try to incorporate a little bit of everything in my classes which are both fun and dynamic, yet lead to a deep stillness too.

I believe that yoga and meditation are tools that should be used to positively transform our minds and blast our hearts wide open, to enable us to navigate life with joy!

Find me on the Dru Yoga Online Studio here

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It's a good idea to have a block and a cushion or bolster, as some of the more yin (restorative) elements of the class will need some kind of prop. Even a cushion from your sofa will do! 

And as always, make sure you drink some water after practice!

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This series is an offering from the Dru Yoga Online Studio.

It's just £9.99 per month, and there is an amazing library of classes, meditations, relaxations, snippets of wisdom, yoga challenges - and more!

Plus, once you sign up you'll get a discount code emailed to you that allows you to get these monthly live classes at a serious discount! 

Access our library of amazing content here

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These monthly classes are here for YOU!

Therefore, we want to try to choose a date and time each month that works best for everyone. Some of classes will be in the morning and will be livelier, some will be evening classes and focus more on the restorative side of things.

I'm always open to hear feedback from you, so do get in touch with any suggestions you have with the timing moving forward -

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