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Unveiling Yogic Deities

An 8-month

Starts 25 February

Bookings close 23 Feb

Tapping into the Hidden Powers of Higher Consciousness

Draw on the wisdom of the yogic gods and goddesses for potent personal transformation.

You have untapped powers within you and with the right guidance you can harness these powers to design a destiny filled with inner prosperity, profound contentment and fulfilment. 

The yogic gods and goddesses are more than just myths or symbols - they embody these powers! They represent living forces of universal consciousness that live inside of us. 

Connect with your Archetypes

This course will show you how to tap into your own extraordinary spiritual potential and gain the insights to illuminate any area of your life.

Imagine tapping into your own source of guidance and inspiration, like a personal angel card pack.

You can access this guidance all the time as these living forces are inside you

We often access just a fraction of our conscious potential. Now, envision a reality where accessing your full potential becomes not just a possibility but a reality. We can do this by awakening yogic archetypes inside of us. Archetypes are part of the energy patterns of our collective consciousness that are shared across all cultures.

They are not always easily accessible; however, they can help us on our journey to enlightenment. 

Connecting with the divine archetypes (the devas) enables us to transform behavioural patterns, habits and fears which do not serve our spiritual journey. They also help us to access our innate strengths to become the person we were meant to be. 

What to expect


Archetypal yoga movements and mudra sequences that will transmute energetic blocks.


Guided sessions on how to access your hidden superpowers so that you can be the person you want to be despite the circumstances you find yourself in.

to transform the limitations of the mind which will allow you to manifest more of your goals in life. 

The power of ancient wisdom (satsang) and how to apply it in our modern times.

KIRTAN (music) 
Experience the uplifting and transformative nature of sacred singing.

Advanced chakra practices that will activate the qualities of devas inside you so that you embody their strengths thereby helping you to reach your full potential.

Sacred visualisations to anchor the qualities of the Gods and Goddesses

From devotional artist Susie Tilzey. She is creating unique contemplative paintings and mandalas for this course.

Group connection is where you work together supporting each other and helping each other to stay on track.  

Join your experienced tutors live (YES you will get answers to your burning questions!)  

Who is it for?

This course is for all seekers of truth and love. We also personally invite the graduates of Dru advanced courses: Spirituality of Yoga, Dru Meditation Mastery or Dru Meditation Teacher training, Advanced Practitioner Diploma (called Post Graduate Mastery Course in Australasia), Steps to Enlightenment, Ayurveda Diploma, Dru Yoga Therapy and Sri Vidya. It's also open to any strong seeker or teacher with a strong commitment to adding light to our world. We encourage you to connect with us!

If you are a member of the Dru Professional Network you will be able to accrue 25 CPD hours for attendance at this training. Attendees from other yoga schools will need to check individually for their own CPD credits.

Course Contents

  • Module 1: Use the power of Ganesh to identify subconscious blocks that hold you back so you can overcome obstacles in your life
  • Module 2: Get crystal clear clarity on the next steps of your spiritual journey as you tap into your own innate inner light with goddess Gayatri
  • Module 3: Empower your expression in the world with inspired and authentic communications with the goddess of speech and wisdom -  Saraswati
  • Module 4: Unlock the secrets of real abundance through the blessings of goddess Lakshmi. Overcome lack-thinking so that you have prosperity on all levels. 
  • Module 5: Learn different ways to transform ill-health. Access a higher consciousness - Dhanvantari - the God of health, to create more vibrancy in your life. 
  • Module 6: Take the path of the mystic to overcome relationship challenges. Use spiritual keys to create harmonious relationships by connecting with Shiva and Parvati
  • Module 7:  Overcome uncertainty and take a leap of courage - step into the unknown! Become empowered like the great Hanuman who had the strength to meet any challenge.
  • Module 8: Tap into the strength of Durga to build your own personal storehouse of shakti. Use this strength to overcome your own inner demons and negativity so that you can be the person you are destined to be. 



  • 1 x 3.5-hour live Teaching Session per month for 8 months (includes a break). Replays will be available.
    These sessions will be held using Zoom and the course resources (including pre-recorded sessions, guided practice downloads, and handouts) will be hosted on our online learning platform.
  • 1 x 45-minute live Interactive Session with the tutors (2 weeks after each Teaching Session). An opportunity to explore more deeply the material, practices and experiences with the tutors and to ask any questions. These sessions will not be recorded.
  • Bonus material between the sessions including pre-recorded videos.


  • What is the time commitment required?
    Each module has about 5 hours of unique content. We’ll go live for a 3 hour session and we also offer a 45-60 minute Q&A session a couple of weeks later. In addition there are some pre-recorded sessions for each module. As you follow the carefully crafted curriculum, your optional daily self-practice could take about 30 minutes.

    Community channel
    We will be using Telegram as our community channel for those who want to stay in touch. This is optional and helps you stay connected with your tutors and fellow participants, receive course updates, and share your progress and insights in a supportive and interactive environment. Telegram makes it easy to connect and engage with other participants, creating a space for meaningful connections and lasting friendships.


​​Module 1      
Teaching  Sunday 25 February - 10am-1.30pm
Interactive Tuesday 12 March, 7pm

Module 2      

Teaching  Sunday 24 March - 10am-1.30pm
Interactive Thursday 11 April, 7pm

Module 3      
Teaching  Sunday 28 April - 10am-1.30pm
Interactive Tuesday 14 May, 7pm

Module 4       
Teaching Sunday 26 May - 10am-1.30pm
Interactive Tuesday 4 June, 7pm

Module 5      
Teaching  Sunday 16 June - 10am-1.30pm
Interactive  Thursday 4 July, 7pm

Module 6      
Teaching Sunday 14 July - 10am-1.30pm
Interactive   Sunday 11 August, 10.30am

Module 7      
Teaching Sunday 15 September - 10am-1.30pm
Interactive   Saturday 28 September, 10.30am

Module 8      
Teaching  Sunday 6 October - 10am-1.30pm
Interactive  Thursday 17 October, 7pm



Standard:   £89 deposit plus 8 monthly instalments of £89
DPN:           £89 deposit plus 8 monthly instalments of £82.75 

Up front:    £699 (saving £102)
Early Bird up front: £625 (saving £176!) if paid in full by 15 December


Standard: $169 registration fee (+ 8 monthly instalments of $169 to be set up later)
DPN:         $139 registration fee (+ 8 monthly instalments of $158 to be set up later)

Up front: $1,495  
Early Bird up front: $1,195 if paid in full by 15 December


​​Shona Sutherland, pioneer of Dru Ayurveda and leader of Dru London. Shona has been running Godddess Retreats for many years and has a passion for teaching Bhakti yoga practices.

Andrew Wells, joint CEO of Dru UK and leader of Dru's Spirituality of Yoga pathway, co-pioneer of Dru's work in trauma zones

Annie Jones co-founder of Dru UK and co-author of Dru Yoga - Stillness in Motion and Brain Fog. Her passion is the healing power of mantra

John Jones, co-founder of Dru and co-author of Dru's Bhagavad Gita, architect of so much of what we know and love about Dru

Nanna Coppens, senior Dru Yoga Therapy and Yoga Teacher Training tutor, community builder and co-leader of Dru North East

Suzie Tilzey, retired women’s health doctor, artist, art therapist, musician. She loves to bring the subconscious into the conscious world through her art, music and dream work.

​​Janey Fitzgerald, retired GP, senior tutor in Dru Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. Janey’s deepest fascination is for the art and science of consciousness and how it enables people to change.

Astoria Barr, Dru Australia's coordinator of spiritual courses and senior Dru Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training tutor

Gillian Beeson, Dru Meditation and Yoga Teacher tutor, Goddess course coordinator

Evie Francq, former human rights lawyer. Evie is a Dru Yoga teacher, passionate about yogic philosophy and scriptures.

Kate Carter, senior children's theatre nurse and Dru Yoga Teacher Training Tutor. 

Break Through

subconscious blocks that are holding you back

Spiritual Keys

to create harmonious relationships


with inspiration, eloquence & confidence

Take a Leap

of courage and dissolve your fears of the future


the secrets of real abundance & fulfilment 

Build Shakti

to overcome negativity & embody your true self