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Self discovery - realising your true nature

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Month by month

Below are the first 5 months of the course...

Month 1 - The journey begins

This month we invite you to step out onto the field of action, ready and eager to take on the greatest of all human quests - self discovery; realising your true nature and purpose in life.

Before you begin your journey this month begins with some potent questions:

  • What are the qualities I need to develop in order to be successful in my quest?
  • What are the main challenges I am likely to meet on this journey?

The month then goes on to help you find your own fabulous ways forward in answer to these most important questions.

This month's material also gives you techniques to deeply anchor your new discoveries into your life.

Movement programme - To empower your self discovery quest and the qualities you need to develop in order to be successful in your quest, we will explore the Golden Eagle sequence.

Meditation techniques - In order to remove fear we have to first learn to switch off the flight & fight response, and then switch on the relaxation response. The Spinal Breathing and Earth Meditations will help you remove fear and anxiety.

And don't miss - Dru's famous introspection technique, to help you effortlessly re-script any difficult experience in your life into a new and more successful paradigm.


Dru Bhagavad Gita online self mastery course

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Month 2 - Knowing yourself

The ability to smile admidst challenges is the ability to understand something very profound

The core messages of this chapter are that:

  • there is an indivisible divinity existing in all life, which is in everything and in everyone, from the smallest plant to the greatest living being
  • the purpose of life is to discover that infinite, loving source, and
  • what do you need to observe in yourself that robs you of joy and clarity?

The ability to smile amidst challenges is the ability to understand something very profound. It helps you discover that nothing is ever as real as it seems to be, that you can always rise above the storm and sit in a place that is untouchable in life.


Public servant, ACT

The discussion and questions have helped me to relate the words in the Gita to my own life experiences and I don't think I would understand the teachings in the same way without the Gita course.

How can you lift your awareness, your perception of reality, into the infinite stream of consciousness present within you? This stream of consciousness is like a witness and also our greatest teacher, if we would only listen to it.

This month's material will introduce you to that quiet inner wisdom, dramatically enhancing your ability to reach your goals and enjoy your relationships with your friends, family and colleagues along the way.

Movement programme - The Breath of Arjuna helps you increase your determination and enthusiasm. The Kavacha practice strengthens the field of life energy surrounding you, enabling you to keep your energy high at all times.

Meditation practice - 'A Moment of Peace'.

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Month 3 - The importance of action

Mouli MacKenzie, Dru Dance teacher trainer

Mouli MacKenzie explores the eagle sequence

This month will introduce you to three fundamental qualities of our human nature. Knowing these you can understand our different temperaments and how they influence our lives. You can gain an understanding of what drives us and learn how to take the wheel to skilfully direct your actions.

We will explore how to live so that your actions inevitably lead towards the highest freedom. Since action is necessary, for those who have already realised the highest truth and for those who aspire to know it, this month shows you how to make the most of everything you do.

Are you aware that all your previous actions have brought you to your present situation? And that you have complete freedom to choose any future you want by choosing your actions now?

Chris Barrington meditating in nature

Chris Barrington - Dru Meditation senior tutor

Movement programme - Practical exercise to get your energy moving.

Meditation practice - Meditations to help you choose successful actions by controlling desires and increase your will-power.

Techniques - The freedom from suffering technique helps you bring joy into your life, by freeing you from unhelpful attachments enmeshed within your intentions and decisions.

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Month 4 - Acting with wisdom

Photo for female testimonial


Director of Corporate Services, NSW

The course provides a comprehensive toolkit for living my life to the fullest with real joy, for reaching my potential and for understanding myself and my fellow human beings. 
Imagine how we would live our lives if we constantly reminded ourselves that the person in front of us is "God", and that in fact we are also "God". This is such an awesome way to perceive our daily life.

In this chapter you will be introduced to the concept of how to act without being the doer of your actions. Your highest objective in life is to feel that you are always thinking, acting and doing from the point of your highest divinity. To know this is one thing, to experience it is quite another!

Chapter 4 lays the groundwork so you CAN experience your highest, right here, right now.

Think about the sun. How long has it existed?

How long have you existed?

Faith is one of the most important qualities to develop on the spiritual path. Without it, you may fall prey to doubts and fears. How can you strengthen your sense of conviction and inner resiliance?

Movement programme - The Salutation to Four Directions sequence brings you qualities of faith, trust, strength and determination. On the mental and emotional levels, this technique brings you back in touch with yourselves, allowing you to act as your intuitive self.

Meditation practice - We offer you a vibrant meditation on the sun to strengthen your connection to your inner light. There is a profound secret to be uncovered here, which can only happen through personal exploration.

Techniques - A practical exercise - 'Become the Witness' for any time you experience confusion, anxiety and/or depression. A powerful mantra, 'The Gayatri' to connect you with your inner light and greatness.

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Month 5 - Freedom through renunciation

Lady and sky

This month invites you to take a leap

This month invites you to take a leap from a state of desire-filled, attachment-based action, into one of desireless, non-attached inner freedom ~ a revolutionary way of acting and bringing stillness and joy into your every action.

As you develop pure selflessness in action, the mind purifies and begins to quieten the senses so that you are eventually able to identify with your true Self.

And when you are able to identify with your true Self, this means you are internally free. There is no need to act to get anything. You are simply making your contribution to the whole. There is no desire for results and no attachment to outcomes.

The transition from the yoga of action to the state of liberation is the essence of Chapter 5. It makes the link; it is a bridge from one state to the other. This chapter is inviting you to fly!

How can you make that leap from a state of desire-filled, attachment-based activity, into one of desireless, non-attached inner freedom?

As we spend all our lives in activity, it is absolutely vital that we understand the secrets of action so that in our doing we can become free.

How can I act in such a way that it creates joy inside me? How attached are you to things working out the way you want them to? ... be honest!

Techniques - The Alternate Nostril Breath technique helps you choose empowering actions, by balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain and so calming the mind.


Dru Bhagavad Gita online self mastery course

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